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Modular Perspective
Pespectiva Modular/ Tríptico
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Let us not forget that the conquest of the depiction of the three dimensions of space comes to us as the legacy of the Renaissance; both by written treatises and paintings. So, going further, our goal now is to draw perspective directly on a plane of three dimensions. Such a plane, in the Modular Perspective method, is called the perspective plane (PPL). The main concept to comprehend how the PPL work is as follows.

 “The human vision vanishes to one —and only one— vanishing point (vp).”

Such a point lies at the center of the PPL; at which all visual rays that run parallel to the observer sight meet. In turn, all systems of parallels not parallel to the observer sight, will vanish at the so-called asymmetrical vanishing points (avp); one to each of the systems. There is no room here to fully explain the concepts and definitions that makes possible the PPL to work in 3D. But to have an idea of how it works; just imagine a plane on which you can measure directly on it the wide, high and depth of any given point within the observer visual field.