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Modular Perspective
Pespectiva Modular/ Tríptico
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In hand drawing, the sketch is the most recurrent technique to rough out design ideas. It’s fast and moves along with the mind’s cognitive process of creativity. A simple sketch can drive a designer to come up with something new. Architects make sketches all the time, and yet would be better if they made them in true dimensions. This is the aim of the Modular Perspective(MP) when you need to sketch a design idea fast and accurately. But (there always is a but), you must first master the method.

The basic application of MP is by means of the so-called Modular Net (RM1). And the advanced application is by means of the Modular Scales (RMS). Here, we present both with the outline of the Arch of the Defense in Paris, for you to to catch a glimpse of how they work.