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Modular Perspective
Pespectiva Modular/ Tríptico
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Perspective Geometry

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This website (PG) was issued in 2002. After a brief time as a journal, PG has in purpose to disseminate articles written by Tomás García-Salgado. It is ad rem to make clear that most of his articles were first published in renowned journals where the reader can also find them. 

The idea of having in one place the author’s articles is to easier their search on the Web. The themes discussed in the articles may be of interest to those involved in current research on the theory and practice of perspective. We hope to receive comments from the readers in the contact us menu. And even better, if the reader let us know when and where an article is cited. 

We shall add soon a new section in the PG menu to introduce the method called Modular Perspective, based in the book by the same name.



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